Chace's full month parties!

Like Claire, Chace had more than one full month party - only because both of them are blessed with so many people who love them. At our place, we hosted our friends & (my extended) family in one session (as opposed to two when we had Claire) because its just too tiring to be entertaining for such a long stretch of time. At my in-law's place, we had another session to host hb's side of the family.

When the crowd started streaming into the function room, we were able to take photos with some of our guests but once it got too crowded (and busy), we totally neglected the photo-taking so thousand apologises to those who came but did not manage to get a photo with us! Its funny how I got so busy the whole morning (cooking for the children as I couldn't find any caterer that would also provide food for my little guests) that I forgot to get my helper to collect the party balloons - the lady boss was frantically calling and trying to reach me the whole afternoon. I didn't even carry my phone with me so she only managed to reach me AFTER the party.

Over at our in-laws the following day, it was a small intimate affair with just under 30 guests (we had close to 100 guests at our place and we didn't even invite everyone due to space constraint). i'm hope everyone had a great time catching up with each other, over the delicious food.

Personally, it was great to see loved ones and old friends - many of whom we have not seen for a long time. Would be great if we all could meet up more often but unfortunately, we are all caught up with our own busy lives and the only opportunities we get to meet up are festive seasons, weddings, baby showers & sadly, funerals. So I guess in a (sad) way, I do appreciate social-networking tools like facebook - afterall, they do help us to 'see' what the others are up to in their lives although I'd much prefer finding out in person. However, I've found and rekindle so many friendships & family ties via facebook that its hard to imagine being without it.

Thank you all, who were present at our parties, for taking the time to come and say 'hi!' and for your generous gifts. Hope you had a great time (like us). well, 'nuff said... here are some of the photos of our parties.


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