updates on the domestic front

if i've been quiet the past couple of weeks, its largely because i dun have time to post - the hired help is hardly any help - you can't imagine how glad i am that today will be her last day with us. i really pray and hope that the next one will be a genuine help instead of a burden like this one! some of her nonsense that i had to put up for the past few weeks:

- her 'attempts to get lost' - she was day-dreaming and did not get off the train when i did. i had to get the help of the station control staff to locate her (i was late for my meeting as a result!). they sent a message to all the stations to look out for her and fortunately, we found her! apparently, it did not scare her at all as she happily 'shopped' when i shopped - she was busy looking at the items on display and price tags instead of following me closely at the crowded malls. in a similar incident, she took an hour to get home from my mom's place when it should only take 30 mins max because she was again 'day-dreaming' and forgot to get off at the correct stop.

- her 'attempts to fall to death' - first time, she climbed on the parapet to hang the laundry as the laundry rope was damaged ; that incident freaked me out and i immediately called up the maid agent to ask her to explain in her language NOT to perform such a dangerous stunt since she could fall to her death. the 2nd time, she climbed up the ladder to remove the curtains for washing with the windows WIDE OPEN! enough is enough - i really don't want to wait for any accident to happen before taking action.

- her 'attempts to burn down my house' - she placed the tingkat (metal food container) into the microwave oven to warm up the food despite us already warning her previously never, ever place metal into microwave ovens.

i'm genuinely running out of time when it comes to finding help and if the next one that comes along is of similiar standard, then i seriously think that we will be better off with a part-time cleaner. God, pls help me!

update: she had to test my patience even on the last day with us - she didn't get off the bus AGAIN when i was on my way to 'return' her to the agency - i had to call DH and together, we drove along the bus route to try to locate her - we eventually found her at the bus depot (thankfully the bus doesn't go to woodlands checkpoint!). think her next employer better leave her at home or get her to wear a leash when they go out!


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