battling the zzz monster

we have been getting this a lot lately - li'l gal just refuses to sleep (whether its naptime or bedtime); she will happily battle with the 'zzz' monster until she can fight him no more and then conk out. that would be fine except that on some occasions, she is so exhausted that she will just whine and cry on and on... unable to fall asleep!

it happened again today - her normal nap time if we stay home is around 11am but she requested early in the morning to go over to my parents' place and i obliged her... and over there, her 'normal' nap time is closer to 1pm (since her cousins go to school at 12plus). however, up to 3pm today, she was still not willing to lie down for her nap (both her cousins were home since it was school holidays) so i did the next logical thing - i brought her home. she played by herself for a while, while i sorted out my emails and correspondence... and she came to me asking to watch telly - in order to get some peace (to complete my work), i switched on the telly in the living room and walked back to the study room. Less than 5 mins later (around 4pm), i walked out to see this...

talk about being exhausted... fortunately, our playdate today has been postponed!


mingnjien said… I'm glad I cancelled!

how precious!

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