we spent more than 3 million this weekend!

no, we didn't put our names on a new property and no, we did not strike lottery!

all we did was to spend the weekend away, in batam, to enjoy quality time together as a family. the exchange rate is approximately S$1 to 7,500 indonesian rupiah... so that explains how much we spent eh? we had a complimentary night stay, thanks to mil's hotel card again, paid for an extra night and upgraded to a king sized bed since l'il one still sleeps with us. we had no plans at all, except to relax at the hotel. this is the breakdown of how much we spent:

  • 2 nights accommodation : 569,500 indonesian rupiah

  • return ferry tickets for 2 adults + 1 child : S$138 (1,035,000 indonesian rupiah) including departing terminal fees of S$7 per pax

  • BBQ buffet dinner w/drinks for 2 adults : 323,351 indonesian rupiah

  • lunch @ Jap restaurant : about S$30 (225,000 indonesian rupiah)

  • buffet breakfast for 2 adults : 157,300 indonesian rupiah

  • spa for 2 adults : 375,000 indonesian rupiah

  • Ayam Pengyet dinner w/ drinks at local mall : about 150,000 rupiah

  • lunch @ chinese restaurant w/drinks : about 220,000 rupiah

  • 6 J Co donuts : about 27,000 indonesian rupiah

  • 1 pkt mamypoko diapers : about 75,000 indonesian rupiah

  • 1 polo t-shirt : about 219,000 indonesian rupiah
that's all I can remember... but grand total : 3,376,151 indonesian rupiah... so there, we spent like a millionaire this weeked so enjoy our photos!


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