testing times

y'day was one of those days when i lost count of the no. of times i had to say NO to li'l one and (almost) everything i said went in one ear and out the other! thankfully, these days don't come around very often (and hopefully, stays that way!) but the end of the afternoon, i was exhausted and completely drained both physically & mentally and was so glad that she drifted off to lah-lah land on schedule (i.e. before 8pm!)

on such days, i keep HIM constantly in my prayers...

Dear Lord, pls give me the strength and patience to carry out your work, in moulding C's life and teaching her the values that you would want to see in her. Amen!

notes: her bottom cuspid erupted on the 24 Nov and the top followed quickly on 28 Nov! could her behavior be due to more teeth erupting? she now has 14! 6 more to go!


Rachel said…
Hi, chanced upon your blog. I have a toddler boy born in Mar 07. I understand exactly what u mean by testing times...it is really not easy taking care of a toddler esp when he/she starts to act up.
abs0lut_v0dka said…
haha... totally! i'm so trying not to lose my temper (and my mind) all the time!

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