singapore biennale 2008

i invited cindy & caitlyn to join us in our visit to the Singapore Biennale as we rarely get to see them even though they are back in SG coz they prefer to stay in the west for convenience. prior to this, i have never been to any biennale (even though i was offered tickets) or many art events largely (other than concerts & musicals) because i am just not an arty-farty kinda person. but after having C, for whatever reason, i just feel the need to expose her to different kinda experiences to enrich her life and thus actively search/look out for such events to bring her to.

C was very co-operative and walked the whole time we were in the premises (except coming to me for hugs now and then) and i think that its great that there's a kids zone segregated especially for l'il ones (kindly sponsored Jet Airways)... In the 2 hours or so we were there, we only managed to explore one of the venues - City Hall. Hopefull we can find time to check out the other venues before the event ends! Enjoy our photos in the meantime...


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