1st malay wedding

despite living in the cosmopolitan country of SG, i do not have many friends outside my race - largely because of the schools that i went to. chinese was learnt as a 1st language, together with english (the main subject in our local schools) and china had yet become the powerhouse that it is today so few (outside my race) would choose to enrol in schools like mine.

anyhow, its great to be invite to attend a wedding of a different sort to experience and learn more about other cultures/race - the pretty bride, izah is a great help to me in my work ; she is the diligent secretary who always does what i request for her to do and in good time! it must have been a good day in the islamic calendar as we noticed (many) other weddings along the way and even one, just a block away!

C was taking her morning nap when we reach the venue and only woke up when i 'transferred' her over to be carried by dh (so that i can enjoy the yummy rendang! kekeke....). she laid against dh's comfortable shoulders to take in the sights and sounds of the whole event.

signage directing us to the correct wedding

the beautifully decorated pelamin (raised dais)

cupcakes galore (which i believe is a recent novelty, rather than a traditional aspect of the malay wedding)

guests partaking in the feast

the lovely 'king & queen' for the day!
here's wishing the both of you matrimony bliss always and lots of beautiful children!


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