the natural child

i came across this website ( when googling and find it so useful... so take some time to read some of the articles there! i've been breastfeeding my baby for more than one year now and somehow, it came so naturally to me - from the moment i was carrying her, there was no doubt that i would breastfeed her. strange if you consider that i was not breastfed, my sis did not breastfeed, no close family members around me breastfed (or were breastfeeding) except for one cousin and only a friend or two breastfed (and are still breastfeeding). recently, mom has been bugging me to wean her off so that i can have another child but since i believe that children are god's gift from heaven, there is really no reason for me to do so. i will have another child when god thinks i'm ready and i will be happy to tandem nurse them.

on a different note altogether, dh has been away for the last two weeks for his in-camp training and claire's schedule is all upset. i can see so clearly the bond between dh and dd from these two weeks. prior to these two weeks, claire sleeps at 7pm (we try) and wakes up at 7am on most days. but in the last two weeks, she just refuses to go to bed... she'll climb up and down, roll all over the bed and keep going 'papapapa' and looking at the door, waiting for dh to walk through. unfortunately, she goes to sleep each night disappointed. as a result of her irregular sleeping hours at night, her naps have been affected too... sigh, i have one tired baby... one more week to go before our lives will 'resume normacy'.

today's papers highlighted the 'kiasu' mentality of singapore parents - its really scary how much 'enrichment' classes has been packed into the schedule of kids nowadays. more and more centers are sprouting up and their 'target' customers are getting younger and younger. i started schooling when i was 5 years but my nephews started schooling when the minute they turned 2. what happened to the creative play & happy childhood that kids deserve?


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