turning 14 months

happy 14th month my dear baby!

she now:- do the signs for brush teeth, comb hair, twinkle twinkle little stars, dance, music, scared, smelly

- points to her hair, head, nose, teeth, shoes accordingly when asked

- loves dressing up

- understands and obeys instructions (most of the time)
- babbles continuously (her speech repertoire include words like ba (bus), pla (plant), per (up), turtle, bir (bird), nana (banana), apple, mao (cat in mandarin), xie xie (thank you in mandarin), nai nai (paternal grandma in mandarin), po po (maternal grandma in mandarin), gai (going out in dialect), pamper (for diapers), sta (for star), mumm mumm (for food), neh neh (for milk), ta (for toys) - these are only some words i can remember off-hand)
- knows which remote control is for what


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