baby's 1st road trip

adventurous as we are, plans were made to take little princess to kuala lumpur more than a month back - i say that because claire absolutely HATES car rides - for one thing, she cannot be in the same place for too long; boredom never fails to set in. on top of that, she HATES being strapped in the car seat. i'm glad we made it there and back - i guess it all just boils down to proper planning.

on the morning we were due to set off, i absolutely refused to let her take her morning nap. i kept her busy, playing and going for walks - even when she was dozing off, i'd disturb her to keep her awake - very evil of me, i know but that was the only was i can get her to sleep during our drive up. luckily, that paid off as she slept through almost half of the journey up. during her nap in the car, dh was driving continuously and i refused to let him stop for toilet breaks even! haha... for the rest of the journey when claire was awake, i'd keep her busy - i brought along a big bag of toys, snacks & an in-car dvd player for her to watch 'brainy baby' - its actually the only time she ever gets to watch tv - the rest of the time, she only gets the audio stimulation. when she got too restless, we'd stop for toilet breaks and snacks.

nothing very eventful in kuala lumpur - as we did last year - we enjoyed the delicious food, explored the malls, marvelled at the 10 mins fireworks display for the new year day countdown and basically just enjoyed quality time together as a family. now i'm looking forward to our next trip in feb - it will be claire's first aeroplane ride!

as always... photos.


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