multiple firsts for the record

what an exciting few weeks it has been... our baby 'enjoyed' her first haircut, first food, first words and first rainbow (a very big one!) Unfortunately, also her first fall thus her first bump on the forehead! she is now Speedy Gonzalez... crawling forward very fast and thus always have to be watched. i now hardly put her on the bed (unless its time to sleep) - playtime now is always on the floor on her bumper mat!

i also realised, now that i have my own baby, that mankind is indeed evolving - seems like most babies today achieve 'milestones' much 'earlier' compared to their predecessors some examples... rolling over @ 2 - 3mths instead of 3 - 4mths, sitting @ 4-5mths instead of 6-7mths and crawling @ 6-7mths instead of 8-9mths. in addition to that, claire also says mama and papa (she knows who is who respectively) and we've even heard her call her own name. hehe... guess it helps that she has a easy one-syllabus name! for a while now, she has also been trying to stand by pulling herself up either on us or on our furniture! i get this feeling she's going to walk soon... i'm guessing that all the time @ gymboree is well-spent!

she has been on semi-solids for more than 1 month now and i've started replacing 2 meals - she has tried sweet potato, apple, banana, carrot, pumpkin, papaya, spinach, avocado, fish, porridge, brown rice cereal and white rice cereal so far and i realised how important 'timing' is for meal times. she has to be have enough sleep, otherwise she gets really cranky and will clamp her mouth shut, refusing to eat.

the next 6 months is going to be even more challenging as she learns to be more mobile - we have to totally 'babyproof' our house now - its no joke coz all our furniture are quite low and easily reachable! we even bought a 'fence' to partition a playarea for claire where she will not be harassed by chewy. :)


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