busy as a bee (ii)

i get this feeling that my little princess will grow up to be a socialite - even at such a young age, she already has lots of friends/playmates! let the pictures speak for themselves...


we (claire & i) have so much fun meeting up with other mummies and babies coz its so nice to have someone else sharing the experience. having adult conversations helps to preserve my sanity - despite the fact our conversations revolve mostly around our babies - and helps me to 'see' that i am not alone in this (arduous, nevertheless fulfilling) parenting journey.


i am finally going to fulfill my long overdue promise to write about the nursing /baby rooms available in SG - starting with...


1st on my list - Isetan's (located @ scotts & parkway parade)

why i like it: in my opinion - very 'thoughtful'
  • changing stations with belly straps to keep baby facing up (my little princess rolls over every time we put her on her back so that really helps), plastic bags provided for your soiled clothes and/or dirty nappies
  • individual breastfeeding rooms with a rather comfy chair, a table for your 'barang-barang' and electrical points for those who need to use breastpumps (a bit small though - my tiny aprica stroller could barely fit in, i can't imagine the bigger strollers)
  • comfortable couch for (impatient) daddies to wait
  • sink with soap and paper towels to wash & dry hands after changing nappy
  • hot water dispenser for making formula milk
  • vending machine selling yakult (for older children?)
one venue @ a time ok? not easy to be in the nursing/baby rooms when there's no one else (to take photos!) hehe...
on thursday, we attended LLL's (once-a-month) baby brunch @ united square and i noticed this installed in the ladies toilets. can you guess what it is?


its a baby seat! see 'live demonstration'...

i personally think its very useful and more malls should have it installed in the toilets (yes, even in the gents)! i rarely bring the stroller when i'm out on my own and its really not easy to do your "business" carrying a baby!


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