princess @ 6 weeks

there's a picture of little one @ 6 weeks... i reckon she's looking more and more like DH... what do you think?

time really flies... i'm halfway through my maternity leave (though strictly speaking, i do not have any). my dear gal is already 6 weeks old and i visited dr tan for my six weeks postpartum check yesterday. despite the fact that i have no problem fitting into any of my pre-pregnancy clothes, i still have another 3kg to lose before i reach my pre-pregnancy weight - makes me wonder where the 3kg is deposited. the only difference, i feel, is that i now have heavier breasts but i am quite sure they did not become 3kg heavier! anyhow, i have been given the 'all clear' to proceed with exercise and ... SEX! yeah! we can officially start production for junior no. 2!! I'M KIDDING! i'm taking a well deserved rest until... maybe end of the year? would be nice to have no. 2 next year. plus, i have 9kg to lose to my ideal weight! haha...

I've started stimulating our local economy (not that i've ever stopped but i did most of the 'stimulating' online when i was doing confinement) - if you are so dense, then let me put it plainly... i've started shopping again. unfortunately (for myself), all the shopping i do now is for dear princess. in fact, i can't recall when was the last time i bought something for myself! and no, buying breast pads does not count since i'm buying it only because i'm nursing dear princess. even buying a bag = buying diaper bag! *sigh*


speaking of which, i've been to a couple of malls on my shopping trips recently and have used their nursing rooms. they are namely:

1. Takashimaya @ Orchard
2. Raffles City @ City Hall
3. BHG @ Bugis (previously known as Seiyu)
4. Century Square @ Tampines
5. Parkway Parade

my comments in next entry... :)


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