gifts before the party!

even before i've finalised the details for princess claire's full month party, truckloads of gifts have arrived (ok, i'm exaggerating, not truckloads but definitely plenty!). indeed, we are blessed and loved by many and we are so glad! of course, some of the good gifts are courtesy of claire's grandparents' popularity. here are some of them...

not forgetting loads of red packets! thank you all!
Party Details
1) Buffet Dinner on 06 May 2007, 6pm
2) Buffet Lunch on 13 May 2007, 12 noon
3) Buffet Dinner on 13 May 2007, 6pm
warning: gatecrashers will not be entertained! if you want to be invited, send me an email. i'll consider. :)


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