the joys (and sufferings) of being pregnant

As we enter the final weeks of what is possibly my last pregnancy (since I really don't know if I have the energy to have another one), it's easy to understand why most people enjoy the 2nd trimester the most. In the 1st trimester, most are busy purging out what they are trying to put into their bodies. Fortunately, I've never had very serious morning sickness - with all 3 pregnancies, the most pronounced symptom that indicated I was carrying a new life was how tired I felt all the time. With Claire, I also clearly remembered that I couldn't bear the taste of normal toothpaste and had to switch to natural herbal ones. With the two boys, life was mostly normal - other than constantly needing to indulge in a siesta every now and then, though this time round, I was quite frequently looking for sour things in my diet. I drank lots of tom yum talay in the initial weeks and that definitely contributed to my weight gain (all that coconut milk!). Up to this point (roughly into the 34th week), I think I have already put on what I put on for the entire pregnancy when I was carrying Chace.

For most people, the 2nd trimester represents a stable pregnancy and their bodily curves start to give away the fact that they are carrying a precious little being inside their body. Appetites also tend to improve and travelling becomes possible. For me, carrying a third child just meant that I look fat, regardless of the angle and the baby bump only becomes pronounced towards the end of the 2nd trimester. It is also during this time that many start to feel the movement of their little one. It is probably these movements that clearly tells one 'there is life within you' - I enjoy communicating with the little one in this way because it is so very special. No one can really 'tell' unless you choose to tell so these are very special moments between the two of you.

And where I am right now, impatience has started to set in. While I understand it is important to carry the baby full term, I can't help but wish for time to move faster. Unfortunately, that is a little bit of an irony right now since I have plenty of uncompleted work (and unfulfilled quota) yet I can't wait for week 40 to arrive. The little one is very busy with his acrobatic stunts and his movements become so obvious due to the lack of space. It is extremely uncomfortable to carry this extra weight around (last visit at week 33, he is estimated to be about 2.4kg) and even more difficult to get to sleep or stay asleep for that matter. And don't even get me started on the recent weather... my only respite from that are the aqua-aerobic classes that I have been attending in the last few weeks. The joy of being 'weightless', enjoying the cool water in the pool. With just over a month to go, I've shifted into high gear - attempting to cover as much ground as possible at work so that I can enjoy the rest of the year, bonding with my 3 precious babies. So pray for me and wish me luck!


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