Claire Turns 3 (almost)!

We had a small intimate party y'day for a small group of friends to celebrate Claire's upcoming third birthday - the actual day is still a couple of days away. In actual fact, I did not set out to have a party for her this year as I'd booked a short getaway for the family to club med instead and thus had to see to all the party arrangements (deciding on the theme, caterer, cake and goodie bag loot, etc) within a week - i'm glad that our guests gamely accepted our invitation despite such short notice!

thank you to all who took time off their busy weekend schedules to come and celebrate with us! how time flies when we are having fun... and here are some of my reflections...

the last one year was rather challenging - the beginning part of your third year, i was pregnant with didi. having a big tummy meant that i could not carry out many of the activities that you enjoyed, like going to the gym and having fun at the playground and i couldn't carry you around much. instead, we spent time snuggling up in bed, sharing hugs & kisses and doing quiet activites. four months into your third year, your 'didi' joined our family - from being the only child, you are now the first born and from having 100% (of everything - time, toys, mama & papa), you now had to share with another person. i''m glad that you are such a sensible gal and did most of what i asked of you willingly (most of the time) though i know in your heart that you wished otherwise. right about the same time, you started displaying undesirable traits, like throwing tantrums, whining and crying. everyone else had 'warned' me about the terrible twos (& threes!) but i don't believe it. i know you are just adjusting to the change in the family (nevermind that other 'only child' also displays such similar undesirable traits) and i know that you will, in your sensible way, come to terms eventually.

while many of your peers have been packed off to school, you remained at home - in the comfort of familiar faces and in the care of loving parents (& grandparents). we are in no hurry to send you to school (we went to school at 5 ourselves). you showed us in many ways your intelligence through your clear speech, extensive vocabulary and inquisitive nature w/o the need to succumb to unnecessary pressure of 'kiasuism' in this country. no other teacher in the world can compare to having your parents (and grandparents) impart to you the knowledge and life skills required of this world - there will be plenty of school years to come!

in the beginning of this year, i started going back to work. we are fortunate that daddy provides for our family and there is no real need for me to contribute financially but i enjoy having the freedom to indulge daddy and the two of you with surprise gifts (like our upcoming getaway) and providing you with extra comforts. of coz, i know you'd rather have me around all the time but my job allows me the flexibility to work short hours (to fulfill my obligations to my clients) and still spend most of my time with you - MOST IMPORTANTLY, i know you can be in the care of loving grandparents while i am away. without such an arrangement, i will definitely not go back to work - you and your li'l brother will always be my first priority.

as we approach your fourth year, we will, at some point, let you go to play-school for two or three times a week (only because u have been bugging us to let you go) but we hope that you continue to remain strong and healthy and in the good care of our lord. may you finally adjust to your (not-so-new) sibling and continue to love and care for him. when we scold you, its not because we do not love you - it is because we do and we want the best from you. remember that our love is not divided but is instead multiplied by the two of you! you will both always be our babies and our darlings!


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