waste of air, space and everything else...

some of u will probably think i'm very elitist for writing such an entry... i apologise... but i can't help it. to me, people like my current domestic helper (imbeciles, i'd call them), are total waste of space, air, water, food and whatever else you can think of (resources, if i have to choose one word). seriously, why do such people exist in the world to compete with the rest of us with the limited resources that's available?

like a robot, she moves (i'd hardly consider her working) non-stop, from the moment she wakes till the time she goes to sleep at night. to the average person, she would appear to be very hardworking, cleaning all the time but is she really? my floors - still sticky after she finishes mopping... the crockery in the kitchen - still stained and dirty after she washes them... there is still dust in my room after she has finished sweeping and mopping! i seriously feel that she is wasting my water and detergent since she is unable to perform her most basic job requirement - cleaning.

she hears but doesn't listen - i've been telling (in fact, showing so it cannot be that she doesn't understand) her EVERYDAY since she started here to:

1) close the water containers tight so that it will not leak when you attempt to pour water out
2) put things back where she found them so that we can find them
3) not walk into the room with her dirty feet after she has mopped the floor
4) the list goes on...

but after 3 weeks here, things remain status quo. i'm exasperated, to be honest... to the point that i cannot be bothered to 'scold' her anymore. its just a total waste of my energy... Dear Lord, please just give me a new helper soon!


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