hong kong/macau trip

we usually have our reunion dinner with our respective families earlier and take off for a short getaway during CNY as dh hardly has any opportunity to take leave during the year (he goes to work even when he is unwell and on mc). after much deliberation, we decided to travel to hong kong/macau to see how other 'chinese' cities celebrate CNY, which on the hindsight was a great decision (we booked our holiday in sept) since i'm still in the 1st trimester and really shouldn't be doing long distance/3rd world country travellling.

we really packed light this trip as compared to previous ones - one luggage for ALL our barangs (it was less than 23kg) and we didn't even bring along the stroller which is a mighty amazing accomplishment considering that we had to bring along li'l one's cooker, food, diapers and multiple change of clothes + winter wear for everyone!

i believe it was the cold weather that 'helped' increase li'l one's appetite as she managed to finish (almost) the whole bowl of noodles by herself! li'l princess' highlight of the trip was definitely meeting mickey mouse 'in the flesh' - and as for us, just spending quality time together as a family was great!

as always, let the photos do the talking... enjoy!


Sweets said…
very nice pictures and you are absolutely glowing :) guess I should allow B to bring me to Macau ;P

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