off to malacca...

by ourselves. dh chose to stay behind as it was a short 2D/1N trip with my colleagues.

we travelled in 2 cars (8 adults + 1 baby) and kept in contact via walkie-talkies. He blessed us with great weather, a smooth drive (no causeway jams even!) & no hiccups. we managed to keep to our schedule, enjoyed great food and generally had fun.

nothing much worth bloggin' about since dh was not with us but notably, li'l princess missed daddy a lot! every time we are in the hotel room, she'll walk towards the telephone, picked up the receiver and started calling 'daddy, daddy, daddy...'

do check out restoran nyonya makko (123, Taman Melaka Raya, Off Jalan Parameswara - Tel: 062840737) for heavenly peranakan food, fresh, yummy seafood @ the portuguese settlement (i went to stall #1 - sea terrace) as well as the night market & chendol @ jonker walk if you are ever in malacca. :)

as always, photos :

at the hotel lobby, waiting to check-in

trying to call daddy from the hotel telephone

hokkien mee @ sea terrace, portuguese settlement (as usual, i forgot to take photos of the other food coz i'm such a glutton)

perched on the old school high-chair, waiting for her food

view of the hotel pool from our room

fast asleep next morning (we were late for breakfast coz she just wouldn't get up!)

the only 'kampung' she'll probably ever get to see in her life (ramadan decor set-up in the hotel lobby)

so happy to be on the 'dirty' kiddie rides in the mall - luckily i always have anti-bacterial wipes in my bag when li'l one goes out w/ me!

one photo w/ mummy before we head home - she doesn't look very happy here, does she? think she was too tired (didn't get to take her 'proper' naps as we were on the road)


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