first hair cut by professional

everyone has been complaining how 'messy' and 'long' baby's hair is recently (i think they're just jealous of her nice locks! hehe...) so anyway, dh and I decided to take her for a hair cut @ parkway parade. S$18 gets the baby a (nice?) hair cut, his/her own screen showing cartoons, free balloon (we didn't get that), and free hair color (daddy says will spoil her nice hair so no, no!). pretty expensive if you take into account that daddy cuts his hair for S$10 (mummy's hair cut costs much more but we shan't go there... :P)

we met baby's yee yee (aka my sis) after the hair cut and she said she would do a better job than the hairstylist! what do you think?

dh and i also spend some time 'car shopping' this weekend... seems like our 2 litre sedan will have to give way for a MPV in the next 2 - 3 years' time since we are planning for no. 2. obviously its still too early to be going car shopping but we do want to know our options. before i list the cars we are considering, i must first make my stand clear - dh and i belong to the group of individuals who believe that cars are liabilities and thus we always consider the economical aspect before luxury. obviously, looks matter too and for dh, performance is important as well. i hate boxy cars (think odyssey, lafesta, espace - all reminds me of hearse!) and love sliding doors (very convenient when parking spaces are tiny!) so we shortlisted the following;
mazda 5 (small, compact and economical)

toyota fortuner (nice powerful car, unfortunately no sliding door!)
honda stream (nice, reliable carmaker - unfortunately also no sliding door!)

so what do you think?


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