busy as a bee (i)

being a sahm (stay-at-home-mom) means i have plenty of time to organise social activities for my little one... and activities we have plenty! on an average week, we spend time having lunch & high tea with other mummies & babies, have a great time @ gymboree, go shopping and have lots of walks in the park. at home, we have a playmat (finally! after waiting TWO whole months for the stock to arrive) for my little one to roll, crawl, sit and play on. i read and sing to her everyday and show her flash cards to expose her to the ABCs. i love every minute that i spend with her - she smiles at everyone but reserves for me, her biggest smile and her loudest laughter. not to forget, she's such a headturner! so many times when we were out, passerbys would back track just to steal another glance at her and she always rewards them with her smiles! i believe even HE adores her... it always STOPS raining when we want to go out and starts to pour again once we reach our destination. i can't give enough thanks to HIM - so i shall endeavour to bring up little one in the best of my abilities according to HIS ways and teachings. she starts her day listening to praise and worship songs and end her day with a little prayer to thank the Lord. :)

As always, here are more photos of my little one - dh calls her 'our precious little baby'.

first taste of brown rice cereal (mixed with some breastmilk) -
aunt amanda says babies have such funny expressions when they have their first taste of solid and asked mummy to standby the camera but no leh, i didn't have any funny expressions and i finished every single bit of the cereal mummy made!

my very own drinking cup! mummy says i must use the sippy for now so that i won't spill the water everywhere.

i fell asleep immediately after lunch...


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