princess @ 8 weeks

time really flies... i spent the last eight weeks changing diapers, nursing and playing with my dear gal. i have four more weeks before i 'officially' have to start work and i'm so not looking forward to it! princess is starting to be a lot more fun... she sleeps less but for longer stretches, cries less and smiles more. i still continue to wake up every two hours at night because my body (namely, my breasts) TELLS ME to. its just impossible to stay asleep when your breasts feel rock hard and start leaking milk! in addition, my impending return to work brings on the question "who is going to look after princess?". that has kept me up for several nights. yes, we have a helper now but i'm not about to leave princess in the care of a stranger (yes, i still consider her as such because she has only been with us for a month). the original plan was to leave princess and the helper with my MIL... looking at how things are now, i'd say that's not quite possible. i have a SELFISH and SPOILT SIL who dominates her mother. MIL is forced to look after her equally spoilt son who is all but 16 months old - the little monster starts bawling non stop if my MIL ever carries princess. what a possessive little brat! grandma does NOT belong to you! your surname is different for goodness sake! why can't your own paternal grandparents look after you? *sigh* my own parents, though retired, are helping my sis out in her business so obviously they can't help me either. my options are pretty limited - i either take another three months off work (so that i can breastfeed her exclusively for at least 6 mths until she can take semi-solids), bring princess & helper along to work or find princess a reliable nanny! i've yet figured out which is the best option so i guess i'll just have to take things as they come!
i ended my last post with promise of reviewing the various nursing/baby facilities in shopping malls here but i haven't got the chance to take photos of these rooms so that will have to wait a while more. what i can provide in the meantime, are these links that list the facilities nursing mums would appreciate in shopping malls. bookmark these links from the different portals so you'll know where to find them when the need arises!

our order of 'thank you' gifts from Sweet Surprise arrived on 26 May and we delivered them on the same day to relatives who sent us gifts but couldn't make it for the parties. the gifts were nicely packed and personalised. i hope you guys enjoyed them!


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