the countdown begins

last thursday's OB visit was not exactly eventful (that explains this delayed entry)... claire's ultrasounds are not very interesting now that we can't see her completely. dr tan basically just checked through her organs for abnormality and everything seems normal which is really assuring. in any case, we are very happy to see her and hear her heartbeat. she's estimated to weigh 1233g @ 29 wks and i've put on about 9kg so far.

medically speaking, i still have another 10 weeks to go before my EDD but since a baby birthed after 34 gestational weeks is already considered full term, princess claire could be out as early as the lunar new year week. our house is still in a mess, we've yet started my hypnobirthing/antenatal classes, the hospital bag is half packed, the list goes on... so you can probably imagine how much anxiety we are feeling now. considering the EDD is just that - estimated... i really feel that i have to start getting things done! it obviously doesn't help that i'm feeling sluggish and at the same time, suffering from sleeplessness (i've been waking up @ 5am almost every day - must be nature's way of getting me ready for the 'feed-on-demand' routine that i intend to adhere to for the first few weeks).

we spend the last few weekends preparing for the princess' arrival - throwing out things, fixing up new furniture, shifting furniture around, etc etc... and i've also been religiously shopping for things that princess will need on arrival. we're getting there... the house is almost ready, for the lunar new year and also princess' arrival.

photos will be up shortly... :)


mama bear said…
hey, full term is anything after 36/37 weeks la. Don't scare yourself. Check out :
"Babies born before 37 weeks are pre-term and those born after 42 weeks are post-term.) " - Babycenter

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