"the best things in life are worth waiting for"

finally, after 6 loooooonnnnggggggg weeks, i visited the OB for the 2nd time. it has been a terrible, long wait, largely because paranoid thoughts kept nagging me. obviously, it didn't help that i have a mom who is over-paranoid, super naggy and constantly reminding me that its very 'easy' to miscarry the child!! i got "scolded" for drinking cold drinks or tea, for eating watermelon and pineapple, for wanting to go and play golf, for not eating enough, etc etc... of course, i know she means well but sometimes, the nagging just gets to me. yet, for the little one, i controlled my temper and kept my cool. i want a baby with good temperament! :)

before today, i kept wondering if little one is growing normally, whether or not his/her heart is beating, whether or not i am eating enough... and surely, the doctor visit will put my heart at ease!

the 2nd scan (ok, the doc gave me multiple scans) details his head (bump on the left) - the nose and chin is clearly defined and little one seems to be rubbing his/her nose? he/she has a big belly (bump on the right) and all his/her limbs are clearly visible too. We counted (yes, we did!) 4 limbs so everything seems ok. today's measurements - sac: 8.04cm, crown-to-rump length (better known as CRL): 5.98cm, heart rate: 167 bpm (beats per min), gestational age: 12w4d.

a very important test known as the 'nuchal translucency' was done - basically using the ultrasound to measure the clear ("translucent") space in the tissue at the back of the developing baby's neck. this measurement helps the doc to assess baby's risk for Down Syndrome. luckily, little one falls in the low risk category (little one's NT measured 0.13cm - it should not be greater than 3mm or 0.3cm - otherwise, baby is at an increased risk for some disorders and birth defects). we are relieved that everything appears normal and i am almost into the 2nd trimester where the risk of miscarriage is reduced to less than 1% (the risk, according to doc, in the 1st trimester is like 20%!).

next doctor visit scheduled for 26 october 2006 where i will have to have my blood drawn for several tests.

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