Return of Maid problems

Someone told me that if I should start to have maid problems again, I should test if I am pregnant because pregnant ladies always have issues with their maid. In this case, you would already know by now that I am indeed pregnant (and in fact, already in my final trimester) and I am starting to be less tolerant of the maid. The truth is, the problems were always there but I chose to close BOTH eyes for the past one year. I kept this maid for so long only because she didn't show any signs that she would abuse my children when I am not around. Not that she does now... but her lack of initiative and cleanliness is getting on my nerves right now, ESP when we are going to welcome a newborn into the family pretty soon. I guess that means the hunt for a new maid will begin soon (at some point...). Once I have sorted out Claire's party this weekend, completed the sale of our property (so that i have one less thing in my mind) and tying up the loose ends at work... another one bites the dust.


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