9mths old!

Chace is ... i've lamented about #2 being neglected and i'm sure by the # of posts on this blog, it is evident  - Sorry honey! But that doesn't mean mummy love you any less than jiejie, ok?

So what has my li'l boy been up to? Since the last post:

- 5 of his teeth have sprouted out (and I do believe a few more is on the way SOON!)
- he is crawling
- he is able to sit up from a lying down position and then lie back down from a sitting position
- he has pulled up to stand
- he has started blabbering 'mama', 'papa', 'yeye', 'jiejie', 'byebye' and the funniest one so far - 'headache'!
- he waves 'byebye' while mouthing the words
- he is starting to show separation anxiety when i leave for work
- he first fell off the bed on the morning of 1st may 2010 while we were all asleep

Other than that, he has gone for his 1st trip (to club med) and we will be travelling again end of sep to bali (i'm definitely looking forward to that!)

Now that he is 3 months away from turning one, i have to seriously start planning his 1st birthday party... well, at least i've decided on the theme!

on the home front, we will be shifting soon (just over a week away) to a temporary abode (while we wait out this ridiculous property boom) and i will really enjoy having double the space.


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